Thursday, 2 June 2016

Magnifisent Art

Saltaire Arts Trail 2106 - The same young pavement artist points the way to the first of our featured artists, David Starley.  Resident in Saltaire for many years, he now has a studio in Shipley. During the Arts Trail, if the weather is halfway decent, he usually sets up his easel in his garden so that people can watch and learn from him. I learnt that he applies some of the paint using a tiny metal blade (impasto technique), which results in the texture and build up of oil paint so characteristic of his work. His latest works are mostly of trees and they remind you again how amazing, varied and beautiful trees are.

David's own front door is a wonderful advert for his work. Magnifisent art, indeed.


  1. I really like his work, Jenny!

  2. Wow! What a talented individual - creative front door. Thank you for sharing, Jenny and happy weekend to you from "down under".


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