Friday, 10 June 2016

Postcards from Saltaire

Saltaire Arts Trail 2016 - In the end, perhaps the exhibit I enjoyed most this year was the postcards displayed in Saltaire's historic church.  The overarching theme of the Arts Trail was 'Be Part of the Art'. Entries were invited from anyone to submit a postcard sized artwork - painted, drawn, embroidered, a collage, a photo or any creative medium. This was one of the ways to encourage all those with a creative streak to participate, whether local or from further afield. (I saw one from Japan) I wish now that I'd done one too! Organised by students at Shipley College, the results were interesting and varied, ranging from those with a professional quality through to sweetly touching and much simpler efforts, from all ages. These were nine of my favourites.

Yes, dreams can come true....

The postcards are now on display in The Cellar Trust charity's café, and will be sold to raise funds for the charity, which helps those with mental health concerns.


  1. They are all beautiful! And it is so nice that they are selling them to raise funds for a charity that helps people with mental health issues.

  2. Seeing them makes me want to do one too, Jenny!

  3. Fun! And, oddly enough, my favorites were in positions 1, 2 and 3. How did you know?


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