Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Three waterfalls

Goit Stock circular walk
Harden Beck tumbles over a series of waterfalls on its way down the valley. The most impressive one is the Goit Stock Falls (below), where the stream falls over a rocky ledge some twenty feet high.

The third waterfall cascades into a circular pool. Surrounded by greenery, it is reminiscent of a 'fairy pool'. The valley was once owned by the Ferrand family, as part of the nearby Bingley St Ives estate and access was restricted. It is said that a local poet, John Nicholson, who lived in Harden for a time, was inspired by walks by the river on moonlit nights. He eventually came to an unfortunate end, dying from exposure in 1843, after falling from stepping stones crossing the River Aire in Saltaire.


  1. A beautiful series of falls : a fine set of photographs.

  2. Very lovely, Jenny! Especially the 2nd one.

  3. I'm with Pat, you really did a good job here, second photo is a favorite.

  4. Gee, you show us three pretty waterfalls and then you make us depressed by telling us about some poor bloke who gets himself killed.


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