Monday, 20 June 2016

With love

Without doubt one of the best birthday gifts I have ever had, and one I shall forever cherish. This canvas collage was painted and glittered by my four year old granddaughter, Elodie (with just a little help from her mum, I guess). There she is, making a heart with her hands. She wrote her name herself too, though apparently the first attempt produced a barely readable 'Elo' in the middle oblong so that the finished word just appeared to be 'Die'... Probably not the best message for your 64 year old gran! Oh dearie me, haha!  A second attempt at 'Elo' down at the bottom left was more readable, thankfully. As I say, one to treasure. ❤ ❤

I also received a book from my daughter ('Reader, I married him' edited by Tracy Chevalier) which is a collection of short stories by various writers, celebrating the life and bicentenary of Charlotte Brontë - a spot-on choice, as I almost bought this for myself when I visited Haworth Parsonage recently. From little Madeleine (aged nearly two) I received some artisan chocolates; she had carefully chosen each one herself from the display. I feel so very thankful for such a lovely and loving family.


  1. Fantastic Jenny - what a wonder creative family ... love it - and here's to lots more happy birthdays to come. So glad you had a happy day and weekend - and just enjoy your time with the grandchildren - cheers Hilary

  2. Oh happy belated birthday Jenny.. what a treasure trove of birthday gifts you received .. must admit Elodie's art work is my favourite, I bet she thoroughly enjoyed creating it for her dear gran :)

  3. This is adorable, jennyfreckles. You get back in love what you give. Happy birthday, our fair English rose.

  4. A very blessed grandma.
    What a treasure to keep forever.

  5. A wonderful picture and what great gifts!


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