Saturday, 29 October 2016

It's all about the sky

There were fantastic views driving back down towards Grassington from the lead mining area. Although I wished the incessant rain would stop for longer than just a few minutes at a time, that kind of weather makes for some fabulous and dramatic skies.

I learned several things during the week:
- a plastic bag is better than nothing for keeping one's camera reasonably dry, though excessive use of the telephoto lens in the rain can cause moisture to seep inside the lens casing;
- a microfibre towel is a must-carry accessory for a photographer when it's raining;
- my boots and coat appear to be waterproof;
- waterproof over-trousers keep you warmer as well as drier;
- you should don the said over-trousers before you put your boots on;
- 'tis also better to put the rain-cover over one's backpack before it starts raining;
- similarly, it's better to put one's gloves on before one's hands get cold!
- adjourning to a nice café serving decent coffee and cake makes everything seem much better.


  1. Great picture of the true British landscape. There was of course a Dutch school of landscape painting which relied almost entirely on its skies, there being little in the way of spectacular mountains, valleys or waterfalls in Holland.

  2. What a glorious capture Jenny. (and thanks for the wet outing tips!)

  3. I was just about to type that your image is glorious and found that Valerie stole my adjective!

    Shooting in the rain? Must do it from the car window.


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