Thursday, 13 October 2016

Steam fair

Earlier in the summer, I visited a steam fair in Chipping in Lancashire. It was a relatively small gathering but still quite interesting. There were more classic cars and old tractors than steam engines, but plenty of sideshows and lots going on.

I was very disappointed in all the photos I took. Sometimes you just get days like that, don't you? The sun was bright and it was quite a hot day, so there were a lot of harsh shadows to deal with and there wasn't much steam about; that's always much better when it's cold and the steam hangs in the air. At busy events I often find it hard to isolate the point of interest from the background. I'm rather shy of asking people for portraits and the candid shots I took were all pretty useless, seeming to catch people just when they were looking unattractive! Never mind, I'll try again another time. Learning all the time...

I'll show a few pictures over the next few days, just for interest, though they are not up to standard!


  1. These old vehicles certainly are eye catching.

  2. That one is certainly unusual!


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