Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Icelandic horses

Iceland holiday - I'd been hoping to see and photograph some Icelandic horses. There are lots about, though often too far from the road to get close to. We were lucky to spot some within camera range and then luckier still that they were curious enough to walk over to us to inspect us at closer quarters. Icelandic horses were brought by the early Norse settlers in the 9th century. They are pure bred; imports of horses are not now allowed. They are small (pony-sized, but they are always called horses), stocky and hardy. There are many different colours of mane and coat. Those with dark coats and blond manes look especially spectacular. They've played an important role as the country has developed and nowadays are mostly used for herding sheep or for leisure riding and competitions.  


  1. They must be some real tough-guys to survive and thrive in that climate.

  2. Love the close up of the horses but oh my! how spectacular that second shot is!

  3. Jennyfreckles, your close-up of the two horses is calendar quality. Well done!


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