Friday, 25 November 2016

On the way to Snaefellsness

Iceland holiday - After a morning in Reykjavik we hopped in our minibus and set off north towards the Snaefellsness peninsula, known as 'little Iceland' as it has many key features in a small area. As you can see from the photo, the weather was dull and damp. The sprinkling of snow on the hills looked pretty but most of the high mountains were shrouded in cloud. Still, it is stunningly beautiful. Photos don't really do it justice as they don't convey anything like the sense of space and peace.

We'd agreed that if anyone spotted somewhere they thought looked especially interesting to photograph we could shout 'Stop!' and, if we could find somewhere to safely pull off the road, we would. That worked very well and was one of the privileges that being in such a small (eight of us) group of like-minded people gave us. (I have sometimes been on guided coach trips and longed to shout 'Stop' - but you can't!) The photo above was taken at one such 'Stop!' I'm not even sure exactly where we were but it was lovely in its way.


  1. Rather dreary but wonderful, Jenny!

  2. Wonderful - that's somewhere I'd love to go. Lucky you!

  3. It does convey beauty and space even if a little dull.

  4. Lovely! And how wonderful to be able to shout STOP. The last time I traveled with three other people, I was the only one interested in picture taking and dared ask for stops only a very few times.


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