Saturday, 10 December 2016

A new perspective

Back home... It's rare that I find a genuinely new perspective to photograph in Saltaire these days but I had one such 'aha' moment the other evening. I went for a brief, quick walk just as the sun was setting (keen to boost my mileage for the day... that's what having a Fitbit does for you!) I went down into the village and round Roberts Park, always a pleasant amble. I've crossed the footbridge a million times before, in all weathers, and never really noticed before that at a certain point you can see trees mirrored in the top of the weir. (I'm usually more aware of the oft-photographed reflections of the New Mill - see here). Just at that moment, the sunset sky was prettily suffusing the water with a pink tinge. I really liked the almost abstract juxtaposition of the grey, rushing water on one side of the drop and the calm, reflected sunset trees on the other.


  1. Sure is an interesting perspective. It almost looks like two photos stuck together. Good spotting.

  2. Most absorbing, jennyfreckles. Water two ways. Smooth and reflecting contrasting with the rough and rushing flood.


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