Thursday, 29 December 2016

Feed the birds

People have been feeding the birds in this spot by the bridge in Saltaire for the past couple of hundred years, I have no doubt. Mostly it is white bread that gets thrown. The message that bread and cake is harmful to ducks and swans (and also gathers unhealthy bacteria and pollutes the water) does not seem to prevail. Some of the narrowboats sell special duck food and it is always better to give them peas, oats, sweetcorn or lettuce. (See here.)

Note, the gaudy ice cream boat that is moored here on the canal for nine or ten months of the year has been transferred to its winter moorings up at Shipley Wharf. The stretch beside the church looks so much more photogenic without it.


  1. Now that is a photo that demands to be black and white. Good capture.

  2. Wonderful photo and post
    Gluten free bird feeding should stick in one's mind.

  3. Rather dramatic in black and white!

  4. Are you Jennifer Eccles from The Hollies 1972 hit?? lol.

  5. A nice capture, jennyfreckles. And it looks good in black and white. I agree completely about your dislike of feeding the birds. It is unhealthy and encourages them to stay in areas where they should probably migrate to more amenable winter places. Like Malta?

  6. Love this scenario Jenny, I agree with Jack, your choice of black and white is perfect!


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