Monday, 26 December 2016

The heron stands guard

It's a relief to see the river level as low as this at this time of year. (Such a contrast to Boxing Day last year! See here.)  The resident heron on the weir beside Roberts Park was barely getting his feet wet, a couple of days before Christmas.  Repairs are still ongoing at the riverside flats and offices in the New Mill. You can see the amount of wall that has had to be rebuilt where the river breached it on Boxing Day 2015.


  1. This year we are having severe winds but that is so much better than the floods of last year! Love herons and always look out for this one when I am in Saltaire. He seems to have found his favourite place in the world. Happy holidays, Jenny! x

  2. He must be thinking of a bite to eat.

  3. Given the floods of last year, I understand your appreciation of low water levels, but in both Naples and Hartford there is great concern about the low water levels. The drought in New England has led to water rationing, and the ponds in Naples seem much lower than usual going into the dry season. I would love to see a huge cloudburst in each location.


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