Friday, 9 December 2016

Through a glass...

Iceland holiday - A few more iPhone, slow shutter abstracts, taken through the minibus windows as we were speeding along. The distances we had to cover were rather longer than I had realised; it's a big island (40,000 square miles) and basically there is just one main road that circles the perimeter. Although we stopped frequently for photo opportunities, there were times when we just had to drive, to get to our next accommodation stop. 

What a wonderful trip I had! I've been having to adjust to a more settled life again since I returned, albeit no work to have to go back to. I can still hardly believe that! Unfortunately I've had a dreadful cold and cough. (Blame the grandchildren for sharing their germs so generously!) I've felt really under the weather for a couple of weeks and haven't been out much to take photos. Nevertheless, from tomorrow, it's back to 'normal life' here on the blog, and counting down to Christmas now.  


  1. I've so enjoyed your Iceland shots Jenny what an amazing experience! Today and yesterday's images are art.. gentle swathes of colour, gorgeous. I hope you feel ship-shape really soon, must be good though, not having to get up early for work ☺

    1. It's great not having to get up early! Though, to be truthful, you soon forget what a slog it was.

  2. Your pics have made me want to go to Iceland although I think summer would be better for me - I don't need any more winter than I have already! ;-)

  3. Ooh, I love the impressionistic feeling of these.

  4. Very fine abstracts. Sorry to read that the grandkids have shared their germs with you, but that is what they do.


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