Monday, 5 December 2016

Troll Rocks

Iceland holiday - Close to Vík is this wonderful black basalt beach with the rock stacks known as Troll Rocks. It takes the full brunt of Atlantic weather and waves. (There is no land mass directly between here and Antarctica!) It's wonderfully scenic and atmospheric. The rocks themselves are steeped in folklore, believed to be trolls who tried to pull fishing boats out to sea but were turned to stone as the sun rose.

We visited here (the Dyrhólaey peninsula) twice, once on our outward journey along the south coast and then again on the way back. The first time the wind was fierce, blowing huge rain and sleet storms that came and went quickly. On the second visit, the whole area was fog-bound so that you could barely see 100 metres - but still it rained hard and the wind blew! It's the wettest place in Iceland (maybe in the whole world, haha!) The lighthouse on the headland (behind me in this photo) was flashing its light in the middle of the day, as the coast is treacherous with rocks.


  1. This has been a most interesting series.

  2. It looks gorgeous in this shot, Jenny!

  3. A black beach! I have never seen one. This was a trip of firsts for you.


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