Sunday, 4 December 2016


Iceland holiday - Vick was a vapour-rub we used to have smeared on our chests as children when we got a cold! [I could do with some now. I've been full of cold for over a week. :( ]

 Vík, I now know, is an attractive little village (popn approx 290) on the south coast of Iceland, with a very good coffee shop (and cake!) and a pretty little red-roofed church perched on the hillside above. The church looked like a toy or something out of a story book.

Apparently the village lies in the vicinity of a huge volcano called Katla. It has not erupted since 1918 but, if it did so, it is predicted that it would melt enough ice on the Myrdalsjökull glacier to engulf the entire village. The villagers are trained to flee to the church at the first sign of an eruption, as the church is on higher ground and is the only building predicted to survive such a catastrophe.


  1. The church seems dwarfed amid that environment.

  2. Jennyfreckles, what a scene. It looks like a little wooden toy church!


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