Thursday, 16 February 2017

Gone up in the world

Looking east along The Headrow. The roofs of the Library and Art Gallery in the foreground left, and the war memorial.

I took my camera to the top of the clock tower of Leeds Town Hall.  Yes, lugged the heavy thing up all the steep spiral stairs. Despite it being a very dull, grey day, the views were still fabulous.

Looking south towards the rail station. The tallest skyscraper (skyline, on the left third) is Bridgewater Place, 112m high. 

Looking northeast, with the white Leeds Civic Hall tower on the far left.
The odd green bulge just right of the two cranes is the new(ish) Leeds Arena (concert venue)

Looking west. The green space on the left is Park Square.

Looking north west, with the Leeds General Infirmary (hospital) - old and new buildings - dominating the right side of the photo.


  1. Leeds is still a very fine city. Your panoramic views are so beautifully clear, Jenny. I remember a bus falling on its side in the Headrow at the Vicar Lane lights a long time ago. Caused quite a stir. The Quarryhill flats project, with so much light and green space for the working class families therein, was regarded as the finest in Europe. Ah yes, I remember it well.......a young apprentice earning one shilling, two pence and three farthings per hour.... ever tasted tripe and cow heels? More, I could not afford.......

  2. The views were worth your trip to the top, Jenny!

  3. Absolutely worth a trip to the top, fabulous views out overlooking the city Jenny. The last time I was in Leeds was so many years ago, I bet not all that much has changed.. thankfully!


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