Thursday, 2 February 2017

Sunbridge Wells

I went into Bradford recently to see an exhibition of photographs of Iceland, by Tim Rudman. It was stunning. I couldn't help but wish I'd seen it before I went to Iceland last autumn, as I think it would have inspired me to be more experimental in my approach. He does, however, use film and his darkroom skills as well as his compositional eye are amazing. It's difficult to capture digitally quite the atmosphere that prints of that quality evoke. It was well worth seeing, though they were very vehement about not allowing any photography in the gallery, sadly, so I have no pictures.

Whilst in Bradford, I also took the opportunity to explore the recently opened first phase of the Sunbridge Wells complex. This is an innovative development that is opening up underground tunnels (originally a quarry, later a nightclub, prison cells, an air raid shelter and a plumbers' yard!) under the city centre. It provides space for bars, independent shops and small traders' booths in an atmospheric Victorian-inspired maze that also reaches up four floors into surrounding buildings.


  1. Here's another link to Tim Rudman's photos:

  2. Quarries and a prison were once under a city? That is odd.


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