Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Woodland scenes

A morning walk through Hirst Woods... Slightly disappointing in that the promised sunshine never broke through. Nevertheless, a light mistiness is attractive in woodland, emphasising the separation between the trees.

Everywhere was terribly muddy, though I don't recall that we've had a huge amount of rain recently. I do get a bit fed up of cleaning my boots!

Apart from a handful of dog-walkers, I had the woods to myself and enjoyed watching the squirrels and birds in the quiet and stillness. I saw lots: a variety of tits; blackbirds, lovely speckled thrushes; a beautiful jay and a cute little treecreeper, as well as the ubiquitous magpies.  None of them stayed still long enough to photograph but just seeing them was pleasure in itself.


  1. Oh la! I love both of these images Jenny. The depth of field is incredible, almost three dimensional!

  2. The mist really does end up making things pretty!

  3. These are lovely photos Jenny. They look like a dream.

  4. One expects an elf or a fairy to peek out from behind a tree. Magical scenes!

  5. The moss suggests that this walk is moist most of the time.


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