Wednesday, 26 April 2017

All welcome

Signs of Spring - all very welcome.
Mr and Mrs Greylag Goose have produced seven goslings. They led them down the grass bank and onto the canal, where they are prepared to do battle with anything that might threaten their brood, judging by the hissing that went on when a curious labrador stopped on the canal bank to survey them.

A song thrush in Hirst Woods. When I was a child these birds were commonplace. Nowadays they are on the RSPB's 'red' (endangered) list, the population having declined by more than 50% since 1970, largely due to loss of habitat. Thankfully, ancient woodlands like Hirst Woods are a sanctuary for all manner of insects, butterflies, birds and small mammals. I'm so grateful that I can enjoy this on my doorstep.

In Hirst Woods too, there are bluebells coming into flower. They are not yet at their peak - I'd say another week to ten days before they are really at their best. Still very pretty though.


  1. I should think those geese need to reform their habits and language before attending church.

  2. Quite a bunch of goslings to keep an eye on!


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