Monday, 17 April 2017

I should've gone to Specsavers...

Anyone in Bradford on Saturday might have thought they were seeing things...
There was a Puppet Parade through the streets, featuring some huge puppets made by Cecil Green Arts, as part of the 'Creative Streets' festival.  

The festival is a collaboration between lots of community groups and arts organisations in the city of Bradford, including Cecil Green Arts, The Brick Box, Q20 and Punjabi Roots Academy. They've been putting on a number of events and entertainments over a couple of months in the 'top of the town'. It's an area left with lots of empty shops since so many businesses have moved down to the new Broadway shopping centre. The remaining businesses - including many independent shops and bars - are trying hard to re-invent the quarter and inject some much-needed vibe. The huge empty M&S store has become 'The Wild Woods' - an enchanted forest full of adventures. An adjacent shop seems to have been taken over as a creative workshop space where people were encouraged to make puppets and masks for the parade.

This lot looked a bit sheepish...

I don't need to explain who these two are!

Music to jig to was provided by The Ski Band ('the best street band ever'), certainly fun and lively music on some quirky instruments.


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