Friday, 14 April 2017

In memory of...

These artistic engravings on mid-Victorian tombstones caught my eye. They're in the churchyard at St Paul's, Shipley, where most of the gravestones have been lifted and used as paths or propped against walls, to enable the grass in the churchyard to be mown easily. They all say the same thing and yet each is unique.

It seemed as good a photo as any to commemorate what is known as Good Friday, though that always seems a bit of a misnomer for what the day signifies. There will be the usual Good Friday March of Witness by the Christian churches in Shipley but that's a quiet, 'undressed' thing. I often feel we should make more of Easter. It seems to need the kind of ceremony you see in some Catholic countries: flags, icons, robes. Last year Shipley held a Passion Play but that needs an awful lot of work and it is not being repeated this year.

These days it seems that the Easter bunny and chocolate triumphs, and I'm never sure what children understand by that... After all, bunnies don't lay eggs!


  1. That's a very clever collage, very nicely photographed. I know what you mean about Easter. Consumerism is winning the fight for souls and faith - if it hasn't already done so. Have a peaceful Easter, anyway!

  2. Quite appropriate, I think, for Good Friday. I actually spent the day here at two large cemeteries. One of them features our national military cemetery.


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