Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Making cushions

You may recall a post on here about a craft shop called The Craft House that's opened in Saltaire? (See here)  
I mentioned that they run a lot of craft workshops and classes. I've been seeking new opportunities to extend my creativity, stimulated by a book I was given when I retired: 'The Artist's Way for Retirement' by Julia Cameron, full of suggestions and exercises that I'm really enjoying working through. As I used to enjoy sewing when I was younger and I have a faithful sewing machine (a 21st birthday present from my parents!), it seems like a useful skill to pick up again. So I decided I'd enrol on a one day 'Cushion Making' workshop.

It was really good fun. The other young women in the small group were friendly, the tutor was skilful (and didn't shout like my school needlework teacher used to!) and the room we were in, in the basement of the shop, was light, airy and well set out. We were supplied with endless drinks - in the colourful ceramic mugs depicting Saltaire that I'd so admired in the shop - and biscuits too. I learned how to put a zip in neatly (which I once knew but had largely forgotten) and how to do corded piping, which I'd never done before. My end result was a fairly neat and smart cushion, although with hindsight I needed perhaps to attempt some appliqué on it to really set it off. It's quite plain: cream with a colourful piped edge. I was really pleased with myself though, and very much enjoyed the day. It was also good to see and be inspired by the lovely cushions created by the others.

I think it's so important that we continue to have enquiring minds and to carry on learning, experimenting and trying new things as we get older. No need to get set in our ways! I'm hugely enjoying having more time to 'play'. I shall keep looking at the list of workshops at the shop, and see if anything else particularly catches my eye. Someone may be getting a new cushion next Christmas!


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! There's just something rewarding about creating something, isn't there? Can't wait to see your projects!

  2. It sounds like you enjoyed that!

  3. What a lovely place to learn crafts!
    Your pillow...could you iron on one of your photographs? There's special paper for printers to do that. Or using fabric paint, stencil on a design. I imagine your pillow beautiful as it is though.

  4. A lady I know sews cushions which sell like hot cakes. Made from waxed cotton they are intended for summer use out-of-doors. Each cushion has its own picture, e.g. an owl, a red squirrel etc. I believe she buys the waxed material on the internet. They are zipped and of excellent quality.

  5. It was an absolute pleasure to have you in our workshop and your cushion was lovely (very neat and nicely sewn - your old, shouty, sewing teacher would have been proud of you!). One of the biggest pleasures of running our workshop space in Saltaire is to see people starting workshops with a little bit of trepidation as to whether they will be able to achieve the given project and then being really pleased and proud of themselves when they do! We also love to see what people are inspired to make next and the level of enjoyment that comes from meeting and interacting with new people in the workshop. Thanks so much for the lovely write up and we hope to welcome you back into our workshop again soon!


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