Tuesday, 18 April 2017


The puppets made by Cecil Green Arts are amazing creations made from (I guess) papier mache and fabric. There is a person inside each one who control the arms and head, quite a skill in itself I think. They're used at various events and parades. CG Arts also hold elaborate illuminated lantern parades, which I have yet to see but hope to catch one day. Their studios at Drummond Mills were destroyed by a huge fire (nothing to do with the lanterns!) last year but the group seem to have survived the disaster, found new workshop premises and recreated much of what was lost. 


  1. Lovely. There's something magical about puppets that calms the heart.

  2. Certainly the lady in the sheep must be nice and warm!

  3. These are quite elaborate. There is a Hartford puppet maker who does work like these, but I have never been happy enough with my photographs to put them on my blog.


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