Thursday, 27 April 2017

Spring in the park

As you walk down from the Victoria Road bridge towards Roberts Park you get a glimpse into the park that is especially delightful when the trees are in blossom. To the left is the entrance to The Boathouse, now a bar and restaurant. To the right is the path to the footbridge into the park over the River Aire (which you can just see).  The building across the grass is the Half Moon Café, closed since it was badly flooded in late December 2015 - but now, I am pleased to say, reopened on certain days of the week (Wednesdays to Sundays, I believe). It has been much missed in the 17 months it has been closed; it's such a great facility for the many visitors to our lovely park.


  1. It does indeed seem to be an appealing park, but confess I'd probably be heading to The Boathouse! :-) Thank you for sharing Jenny.

  2. Sure is green in your area. Glad to hear that the café is open, coffee anyone?

  3. It seems things are getting nice and green there!

  4. Beautiful photo and lovely post, Jenny!
    Pleased the Half Moon Cafe has finally reopened.


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