Friday, 11 August 2017

Danger money

There is currently some development work happening at Salts Mill. I believe it's in order to create some more retail and visitor space, though I may be wrong. Whatever they're doing involves some work on the inner wing that runs north to south. There is lots of scaffolding and it appears they are overhauling the roof, among other things. On the canal side, scaffolding on the top storey overhangs the water. I happened to be walking that way yesterday and saw these workmen installing (perhaps replacing) a drainpipe down the side of the building from the roof. Two of them were abseiling down as they added pieces and a third was rowing to and fro across the canal in an inflatable dinghy, passing marked lengths of plastic pipe up to them via a pulley system. I reckon they should get danger money for that!


  1. Sure does look a dangerous job. I saw a couple in town yesterday hanging off a multi story building.

  2. Good photos! And a Good Grief that looks scary!


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