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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Wild things

Most National Trust properties have beautiful gardens, looked after by armies of staff and volunteers. Baddesley Clinton was no exception. It was the wildlife that gave us most delight though: the ducks scooting around in the moat; the swallows feeding their young in their mud and straw nests under the entrance archway and the butterflies in the garden, nourished by the wildflower meadows which the National Trust encourages.

There were at least five babies in the swallows' nest and both parents appeared to be flying in and out with grubs for their hungry brood. It was high up and very dark, so my photo isn't great but we enjoyed watching them. They were completely unfazed by all the visitors walking in and out of the gatehouse, many of whom were oblivious to the life going on overhead. 

The butterfly below, enjoying the warm sunshine, is (I think) a comma. 


  1. The flowers are amazing so many and so beautiful.

  2. What a lovely time we had with you! So lovely to see the Swallows again! What a great delight that was! Thanks for the memories. Carol x

  3. Such a beautiful place! Thank you for showing it to us.

  4. A wonderful place to explore! Great shot of the swallow!

  5. Beautiful photos
    The gardens look like a place to spend lot of time enjoying the outdoors, weeding or day dreaming.