Friday, 4 August 2017

Oranges are not the only (orange) fruit

Jumping back a month, the theme for my online photo group for June was 'orange'. I didn't really come across anything that seemed to fit when I was out and about on my travels and by the last week of the month I'd still not had any inspiration. I thought about photographing an actual orange... but then I noticed the apricots I'd just bought and realised they were more interesting, with their subtle colour variations.

I've recently acquired a soft box, so lighting still life arrangements is a bit easier. This needed my tripod, the soft box, an umbrella to reduce unwanted reflections from ambient light on the shiny blue plate and a small reflector to bounce light back into the shadows. It was hard to get the apricots to stack and not tumble about... maybe I should have used a bowl rather than a plate but I liked the rich blue contrast.


  1. Beautiful photo. It's a nice touch that some of the fuzz is showing.
    Toothpicks can sometimes hold the fruits together. Maybe schedule pie making with the photo shoots. :)

  2. I love the colour combination!

  3. Excellent job, jennyfreckles. I rate the photo an A+.


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