Saturday, 5 August 2017

Senior Way (1)

I recently took a walk with some friends around the nearby village of Cullingworth. The first part of it followed a footpath signposted Senior Way. The name is not, as might be expected, because it is aimed a senior citizens (such as me!) It is named after the late Ron Senior, a local man who helped to get the walk recognised and signposted.

I always love this valley. It's so lush and green; you could be miles from civilisation although it is not at all remote. My eagle-eyed friend spotted a heron skulking in the grasses. Harden Beck runs along the valley bottom and it tends to be a bit marshy in some parts; fertile territory for a heron looking for frogs, I guess.


  1. Hi Jenny - no wonder it's a favourite ... lovely looking walk. Love the name too - cheers Hilary

  2. It looks wonderful, Jenny!

  3. That heron definitely would know where the good eating's to be found.

  4. It looks like a wonderful place to walk. I am happy that you are enjoying your retirement so much. Not much beats walks in pretty places with good friends.


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