Sunday, 6 August 2017

Walking with friends (2)

Part of our walk around Cullingworth (see also yesterday) took us along the Millennium Way, through Goitstock Woods and past Goitstock Falls. I described this on a walk last year (see here). Despite our spring having been very dry, there was still plenty of water going over the falls, which I think are rather pretty with those three separate cascades.

A little further upstream, the beck (stream) is dammed. At one time this provided water power for a cotton mill. The mill is now converted into residences and the mill dam has become a garden pond, full of waterlilies.

Wildflowers are out in profusion, among them a few orchids. I'm not good at identifying them but I think this is a Common Spotted Orchid - not rare but still good to see.


  1. The orchid is a beautiful flower. Nice photos

  2. Coming across this waterfall must have been a happy surprise.


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