Thursday, 28 January 2010

Light show

After several days' worth of photographs taken within Salts Mill, I though it appropriate to post one of the outside. This is the famous south frontage (see also 19 June and 19 November) taken on the night recently when I went out experimenting with my tripod. I am not at all sure why the sky on one photo was purple whereas the sky on this one is orange...well, I know the orange glow is the result of all the sodium glare of lights from the nearby cities, but why didn't that colour the sky on the other one? (Neither photo is computer-manipulated). Perhaps it has to do with the fact that this was taken a bit later..? Anyway, it's quite interesting to have a light show to enliven an evening's amble round the village. And I think you will agree that the Mill looks very handsome in these conditions. You can clearly see, from all the lighted windows, the floors that house the main galleries and shops.


  1. I really love this picture; and whilst the orange glow is, sadly, lightly pollution it does give a rather "other-worldly" feel to the scene.

    I can almost hear the machines whirring and clanking before the shift ended and the workers could walk home through the winter early evening light.

    I remember, as will many, that the chimney on the right used to have a decorative top not dissimilar to the one on Lister's Mill in Bradford. Sadly this was removed for "safety" reasons during the 1970's when I used to walk past here on my way to the (then relatively new) Salt Grammar School.

    Sadly, the listed buildings and world heritage statuses came to the village too late to save it (and the old Sunday School building that stood on the corner of Caroline Street, where the carpark is now)

  2. Lugging a tripod is also why I don't try night shots. Re. your question on the sky differences. I'm going to guess now, and am open to correction. In this shot there are many more artificial light than in the previous shot. It may be that the white balance (which I assume is set to auto) has been influenced by the artificial lighting in this shot. In correcting the white balance for the artificial light it may well have 'corrected' the colour of the sky as an unexpected consequence. It could also be that atmospherics that night caused the sky to take on more of the tungsten city lights. Let's see if anyone else has any ideas.

  3. That is a very pretty night shot! I like the composition.

  4. Wow, I have been trying to say that I visited your blog and loved it, but I haven't been succesful. Thanks, anyway.

  5. Beautiful photo's. I love ♥ this building.

  6. That is a beautiful building! It looks especially great at night with the lit windows and that orange sky! Nice!


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