Thursday, 19 November 2009

South elevation of Salts Mill

This photograph shows the vast south-facing elevation of Salts Mill, Saltaire, from a vantage point slightly up the valley side. It shows how enormous the Mill is: almost 550 ft (168m) long on this side. Just imagine it at the height of its textile production....The Weaving Shed housed 1200 looms and there were 4000 workers, who produced 30,000 yards (that's nearly 27.5 kilometers!) of alpaca and worsted cloth every day. That would make a few suits.

The West Mill, which now contains shops and galleries, stretches from the right-hand tower of the twin towers to the far left of the building. The other part of the building and all that lies hidden behind is now used by businesses, primarily Pace Electronics.

(See my earlier posts for more pictures and details about Salts Mill.)


  1. It is very interesting for me.

  2. It really is a magnificent site isn't it. I am sure that we used to have a picture of this hanging in the front room but I've not seen it for ages. Must go look for it.

  3. I love these old mill buildings, they really speak to the industries of the north at that time. Hopefully it's listed and will be there for some years to come. Probably a great black & white subject up close with a wide angle.


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