Sunday, 15 November 2009

Baildon Green

Baildon Green is a hamlet about a mile north-east of Saltaire. Most of the cottages here date from the 18th and 19th century. It grew up around a small quarry and, like Saltaire, a textile mill, albeit a much smaller one than Salts. The Church on the Green started in 1858 as a chapel made from three cottages. They were bought for £5 each by three Christian Brethren who gave the chapel to the local community. It is still in use.

I'm always surprised by the villagey feel of this little area. It seems like it might be out in the Yorkshire Dales. (Notice the goat browsing). In fact it's very suburban, with a good view over the city of Bradford and modern housing estates in close proximity. But it's still charming.

On the Bradford council website (, under C for Conservation) there is an interesting leaflet about the Baildon Green Conservation Area that tells something of the area's history - but unfortunately I can't make a link to it.


  1. It does have a very rural look to it. I don't know too many churches that have goats grazing in front of it.

  2. I have a view of the hamlet from my kitchen and bedroom window and feel very lucky!