Friday, 16 April 2010

Victoria Road shops

I took this photo of Saltaire's Victoria Road shops recently, on a sunny - but freezing cold - early Spring day, (though those with good eyesight may spot that they still have their Christmas trees outside!) Directly opposite Salts Mill and just beside the railway station, this parade was always designed as shops, as part of the overall village plan. Though the businesses change hands from time to time and there are few shops now (with the exception of the newsagent's and bakery) that really cater for the local community, nevertheless the terrace still forms an attractive focal point in the village. And judging by the numbers of visitors (ie: cars!) even on a cold blustery day, people enjoy visiting Saltaire and browsing round the Mill and shops. You can really only see this view when the trees and shrubs are bare. I like the symmetry of the buildings, with the three storey bit set in the middle of the lower roofline... and of course those distinctive rounded windows.

The 1871 census records several trades on Victoria Road: grocers (2 or 3), draper (clothes & fabric), milliner (hats), general dealer, fruit merchant, butcher, chemist & postmaster, boot & shoe maker. So you could get most things you needed in those days. And there were lots of other stores scattered through the village.

See here, here and here for a closer look at some of the modern businesses.


  1. Isn't it a pity that all the drapers seem to have vanished from our lives? I suppose they have all been replaced by the clothing bits next to the fruit and veg isle in Tesco.

  2. On the first shop on the left, I read "bakery and café"..The place is very inviting!

  3. Looks like a nice place to go shopping!

  4. It is so stylish and historic looking. I would love to shop there.

  5. Snap:) Yesterday I had been googling Sir Titus Salt, Crows Nest, Milner Field and Ferniehurst. Also reading about his 11 children. DH then went on and then used their street links and we found the above shops as we were chatting about our visit there back in Dec 2005 and buying 2 pies from the bakery. Happy days.... One thing we thought strange was the pies were cold? Should we have asked for them to heat them up I wonder? Gorgeous photo as normal.


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