Sunday, 9 May 2010

Blue bicycle

Another object among the many casually scattered around Salts Mill, Saltaire - this time outside in the yard. Although this does have an ulterior motive, being advertising for the boutique called 'Joules' upstairs in the Mill. That's where my daughter bought her lovely red wellies! Round the other side of the mill they have a blue VW camper van as similar advertising.

(The company recently had a competition to win Pashley bikes. Since my daughter also has a pretty blue Pashley bike, it seems either she - or they - have caught the zeitgeist!)


  1. Interesting contrast. I wonder if anyone has tried to ride off with it although I would guess it is secured.

  2. What a charming way to advertise!

  3. It is a cool photo of a great old bike. Nice photo all the way around.

  4. Great idea for advertising in a cool way! Also makes a good photo op. (Thanks so much for your comment on my recent post about my Aunt and Uncle. The shorts notation by my aunt was defintely funny, especially knowing their fun loving personalities, but it does make it a tad more real too, that she noted that to my cousin.) Hope you had a happy Mother's Day! ~Lili


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