Thursday, 12 August 2010

Red and Green

These pinky red flowers are everywhere at the moment - bursting out of gardens, brightening up wasteland. I'm not too sure what they are - possibly Red Valerian - but they are very country-cottagey and looked pretty tumbling through this green fence on Dallam Avenue, just outside the boundaries of the Saltaire World Heritage Site.

Advance Notice: The Saltaire Festival & Arts Trail 2010 takes place from 9th to 19th September. See the Festival website and the Arts Trail website for full details. One of the attractions this year will be a re-enactment of the grand opening of Roberts Park as it took place in 1871:
"Nearly a thousand children from the three Saltaire primary schools - St Walburga’s, Wycliffe and Saltaire Primary - dressed in Victorian costume will gather in Roberts Park, where actors will re-enact the original opening of what was then called Saltaire Park by Sir Titus Salt and members of his family in 1871." Doesn't that sound fun?

(Of course, your intrepid correspondent will be covering as much of the Festival as I can, and reporting back in words and pictures.)


  1. The red and green works really well. You have so much going on in Saltaire. I'm looking forward to reading those reports on the festival.

  2. That's a very pretty match of green and pink hues... charming shot!

  3. Who did use the same title first today...
    Have a great day Jenny.

  4. The flowers are gorgeous, I hope to remember them next spring to find some.Nice capture.

  5. -The picture is such a lovely postcard!
    -Wycliffe was the name of a good english series in the 90ies!
    -I hope our intrepid reporter will be careful while journaling! :)

  6. Thanks for the tip about the Festival, I really will make an effort to get over.

  7. Hey, thanks for stopping by and reading about my magnificient caterpillar adventure. :-)Surprisingly, I don't love all things crawling, but these aren't so bad, the antennea make them rather comical! I love the flowers on your post today, I'm not sure we have them here, nice contrast with the green fence!

  8. Just a beautiful sight to see!!!

    (as I love the color green!! )



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