Saturday, 21 August 2010

Salts Walks

It's the weekend again! Every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday, visitors to Saltaire can take a guided walk around the village with 'Salts Walks'. They are great fun, as well as being very informative. The guides dress and act as Victorian characters with connections to Saltaire. Each member of the group is given a bookmark with information about a real historic resident of the village (gathered from the 1861 or 1871 census) - so you can search out the house you once lived in and find out what work you did. You may even find other members of your 'family' within the group. It causes great hilarity when someone in the group finds themselves 'married' to a different partner - or maybe to their teacher!

Salts Walks are one of the best ways of exploring the village and its history. The guides are very knowledgeable and have a knack of really bringing history alive.
The phone number for booking is 07952 745 471 and the walks set off at 2pm from outside Magic Number Three in Victoria Road.
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  1. I like this idea of the guides dressed in victorian way!
    Same family than your teacher?! Help! :)

    PS: come on my blog today, there's a message for you!

  2. Enjoy the walk, it's very muggy and humid down here near Reading.

  3. The bookmark is a very nice touch. It gives that extra bit of purpose to the walk :)

  4. It would be fun to put that on my wish list. I really like seeing all the sights of Saltaire.

  5. What a wonderful idea! And what fun it would be to be one of the guides!

  6. What a fun twist on a guided tour to have the bookmark idea! It's so much fun to see people dressed in period clothing, this is something I would like to do too! ~Lili


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