Monday, 14 March 2011

Salts Mill from Albert Terrace

Late winter sunshine illuminates one of the most famous views in the World Heritage Site of Saltaire, often seen in magazines and tourist information.  It is also the first view you get if you arrive by train, as the railway station is in a cutting just to the left.  Looking up the cobbled roadway of Albert Terrace, towards Victoria Road, you can see Salts Mill on the left and its large chimney straight ahead.

See here and here for more pictures taken in the same area.

Oh dear, sorry - I failed to remind those with access to BBC TV that the Antiques Roadshow, filmed in Saltaire last year, was shown last night. It is on iPlayer if you want to catch it (the first three minutes of the film are about Saltaire in general and are worth watching - click the arrow on Fiona Bruce's picture!) - and there is a second episode next Sunday evening too.


  1. Unfortunately, I am unable to access iPlayer. A message informs me it's not available in my area :(

    Thinking about you and your Mum.


    Des xo

  2. Lots of familiar places on the Roadshow, both from your photos and from personal experience. She is the wrong side of the Pennines with her reference to Lowry though!!

  3. Great shot - lovely to the sun - what a view!

  4. Good photograph, Jenny. Isn't it good seeing some light again?

  5. Great shot. I like the sun on the cobbles and the way the lamp post is in the middle of the chimney.

  6. That's cool to see the first view of Saltaire arriving by train, just in case I ever make it over there! ~Lili

  7. love those old cobblestone roads.

    not great for bikes :)
    but they are beautiful.

  8. Great photo, lots of foreground shadow to throw you up into the rest of the picture, nicely lit. Can we have your email sometime, just in case? our new blog is at:-

  9. I watched the show and eagerly scanned faces to see if I could see you! :)

    It was great to see the shots of the mill with Fiona Bruce.


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