Thursday, 2 June 2011

Not much of a view from inside...

This shot just about sums up my weekend as far as my reporting on the rest of the Saltaire Arts Trail went!  For much of the time I was inside, busy chatting to people and keeping an eye on our exhibition at St Peter's.  I did try and find time to venture out - but everytime I went out it rained and it was so dark and grey that none of the photos I took came out well.  Furthermore, the Open Houses in Saltaire (which, being Saltaire houses, are mostly quite small inside) were so popular that they were packed with folk.  Even when you managed to get inside you could barely see the exhibits for bodies!  That seemed to be my experience anyway.

This was the view through the window at Number 19 and as far as I can remember, the exhibits here were quite nice.... I think one was a teatowel that said "I must not hang my washing in the street", which long-time readers of my blog will remember was one of the rules that Sir Titus Salt insisted upon.   See ... I'm hopeless.  Sorry!  Martin at 'Bradford, my town' has a much better series of photos and reports than I.  Check his out, several days starting from the link I've given.  I even missed another photography exhibition in Salts Mill roof space - didn't even know that was on!


  1. It sounds like it is hard keeping up with your hectic social diary. Sad about the rain but the exhibition sounded a success with lots of people.

  2. In spite of the busyness of it all and the weather not playing fair(but no one can control that!), I'm sure you felt really 'pumped' and it was great for you to be able to exhibit your work and receive wider recognition for your considerable talent as a photographer, Jenny! We are all SO PROUD of you out here in Blogland :)

  3. As Desiree said, we are VERY proud of you! Your wonderful photography deserves all that and more.

  4. Your sens of humour shines through, jennyfreckles. Keep doing what you're doing... :-)

  5. Oh that is so funny Jenny, would have loved to see that tea towel! ~Lili

  6. HI

    This is my house didn't realise this photograph had been taken at the trail, appreciate the nice comments about my artwork but would you mind removing my address from your website?




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