Monday, 14 May 2012

Arts Trail 7 - Sunlight on closed lids

Another exhibitor in the Saltaire Arts Trail's Maker's Fair, this young illustrator's work really caught my eye.  Her name is Kate Holliday and her business has the delightful name 'Sunlight on closed lids'... 'stationery, prints and creations to light you up'.  Her prints and cards were eye-catching, bold and colourful, hand-drawn using nostalgic and natural imagery combined with neat little vintage patterns.  It can only be a matter of time, surely, before someone commissions her to illustrate a children's book.  Her work is the kind of thing my daughter - and most probably my granddaughter when she's old enough - would really love.  Although it's not in the same style, there was a strength and simplicity to her work that put me in mind of Mabel-Lucie Attwell.

I was surprised to find that she knew who I was too!  'The Saltaire blog lady' apparently has a fame I didn't even suspect!!


  1. I like this kind of work! Very simple , sweet and most of all poetic!

  2. Looks pretty and very talented too! Nice smiling photo! Well done!

  3. Fun post to read! I like her work too. I'm glad I know the 'The Saltaire blog lady' too!


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