Wednesday, 16 May 2012


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Although not, I think, part of the 'official' Saltaire Arts Trail, the Salts Mill roofspace was once again open for the weekend.  It's a fairly rare occurrence but it's well worth climbing the stairs to see it when it is on show.  It's an unbelieveably big space - see here and here for other posts that I've done about it in the past.

Last weekend, the climb was rewarded with chance to see the annual exhibition from Leeds Photographic Society, which was founded in 1852, making it (according to their website) the oldest photographic society in the world - and a year older than Salts Mill itself!  It's a large and thriving club, affiliated to the Yorkshire Photographic Union.  Although the club caters to all, from semi-professional photographers to beginners, the quality of the exhibits was high and they maintain a consistently high standard, doing well in inter-club competitions. They won the 2011-12 Inter Club competition between Yorkshire camera clubs.

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  1. Are you a member of the Leeds Photographic Society? How cool would that be.. oldest in the world... And I'd be up there to see the exhibition on this rooftop too. (I could be totally wrong, but I think for the monochrome version of this photo I'd rachet up the contrast. As it is, I see more depth an detail in the colour.)


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