Monday, 28 May 2012

Sculpted grandeur

Over the next few days, I'll take you on one of my favourite walks, enjoying some lovely spring sunshine. I actually took the photos three weeks ago but haven't had time to post them. We have a few more leaves on the trees now due to the recent rain and then sunshine.

The walk starts here, on the canal towpath, just beside the Victoria Road bridge, with a view that I never tire of - Saltaire's historic United Reformed Church.  On this particular morning the sun was striking the scene in such a way that I suddenly noticed how the strong shape of the tree finds an echo in the pillars of the church's portico.  Funny how you can look at a scene again and again and still find something new in it....  I rather like the juxtaposition of natural and man-made sculptural forms.

The keen-eyed might spot the greylag geese and their current flock of goslings on the lawn.  I counted nine little fluffy ones then.  There were at least 24, all of different sizes, yesterday!


  1. Great looking church. Capturing it before all the leaves were on the tree lets one actually see the building. BTW, I enjoyed looking at your series on the 40s -- looks like it was great fun.

  2. This was the time of year to study the fine church's bones before the trees leaf out and cover it.

  3. Ah, I see we are going to get treated to a lovely walk! I'll be tagging along, jennyfreckles. A great placve to start. And yes, it's wonderful how we can see one thing from many fresh angles.


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