Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tramway Tim

I usually find that local volunteers are only too happy to chat about their interests and pose for photos and those on the Shipley Glen Tramway are no exception.  This gentleman is Tim and he was our 'driver' when we rode up the tramway.

The tramcars - one on each track - are hauled on steel cables over pulleys.  The tramway was originally powered by gas and then oil but since 1928 has been driven electrically.  Tim showed us the huge powered wheel at the top of the ride, housed in a recess behind the operating controls.  The corresponding guide wheel at the bottom is visible behind glass in the little museum at the base station.

Tim was working with an interesting mixture of old and modern on his console - they've had to spend a good £50,000 to update the mechanisms and comply with modern safety regulations.  Most of the money has been received from grants but they rely on public donations too - another reason why locals and tourists need to be encouraged to visit.  They are still looking for volunteers too, to greet visitors, sell tickets and staff the shop and help with maintenance and engineering work.

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