Saturday, 2 June 2012


At Dowley Gap, just before you reach the bridge in yesterday's post, the Leeds-Liverpool Canal passes over the River Aire on an aqueduct.  It was constructed in the 1770s, pre-dating Saltaire itself. Unlike some, it's not a great soaring structure... indeed, on the canal you might hardly notice it is an aqueduct and from the river it is hard to see the whole span of it.  My photo shows the main arch with the river flowing through.  I didn't think I had the patience to wait for a boat to pass over, though it would have made the picture a good one.  You may be lucky to see a boat but there aren't that many passing through; it's not an especially busy canal.


  1. Looks nicer weather than Lizzie will have on the Thames tomorrow - typical British weather, rain on an event.

    1. Yes, such a shame for everybody who's planned celebrations.

  2. Delightful! Is there a festival or something when the odds of seeing a boat cross the river are greater? It would be worth a wait! Jim

  3. Canals and bluebell woods and twisted trees against the sky and arches over water -- a stroll through your world is full of delight!


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