Thursday, 28 June 2012

High spirits

I've taken many photos of Saltaire's New Mill from more or less this spot - but I don't think I've ever seen anyone in the river before.  This was taken a couple of weeks ago and before the recent heavy rain (a month's worth fell in 24 hours), which has caused all sorts of problems across the region this week (see here).  It was a warm day and these boys had decided to brave the weir.  I would have thought there was quite a power to the water over the weir (there used to be a water-powered mill here and they are thinking now of installing a small hydro-electric plant) but they didn't seem to be having any difficulty.  Brave or foolhardy... boys will be boys.


  1. From my distant memories, I do believe weirs can be unpredictable. I have heard all about the rain. We are finally having a fairly long period of warm sunshine -- something we haven't had for two summers here on the coast.

  2. Lovely shot. One of our local TV stations did a special program last night on the Cumberland Trail. And who should appear in it but your two fellows from Saltaire, filmed when they recently visited Dayton, Tennessee.

    1. That's interesting. I went to a talk at the History Club about their trip. Fun to have that link between our two areas.

  3. As you say, boys...:o)
    But if it's as warm as here today, how I understand them!

  4. Interesting comments from folk who don't say where they are!
    It has been raining and flooding and sunny everywhere seemingly, especially Bangledesh...
    Nice photo Jenny, a happy one!

  5. true...and they look like they're having fun!
    We're hot and dry...we need rain!

  6. I'm going with 20 percent brave, 80 percent foolhardy . . .

  7. When I look back to some of the daft things I did, as a boy, I shudder. I guess there's no real excitement without a degree of risk.

  8. Okay, I have to chime in... I've been just as adventurous - maybe still am - as these boys and have lived to tell about it. It's not just the boys... ;-)

    Enjoying the scroll backwards, jennyfreckles... and am reminded that it was your birthday some time in the last weeks. HaPpY hApPy (belated) HaPpY! Hope the rains did not ruin your parade... er... vacation! But in your posts you sound in good spirits, so unless I hear otherwise, I'll assume you are well. :-)


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