Sunday, 30 March 2014

A pool of light

This is the other contender for 'Beyond a Second' (my photo club's March theme). It might have been improved by a smooching couple under the streetlight instead of a car but you can't have everything. Lockwood Street, named after one of Saltaire's architects, and its mirror image Mawson Street flank the Victoria Hall. They aren't the most picturesque of Saltaire's streets and I personally wouldn't want to live so close to the busy centre of the village, thronged with students during the day and visitors at weekends. But they are authentic, even more so in the twilight when you feel you are stepping back in time.

I'm torn between this one and yesterday's image for my photo club entry this month - you can have the casting vote!


  1. You are getting very handy with that camera.

  2. Ah, yes...where' is the smooching couple when you need one? haha. It's a beautiful photo...

  3. I would go with this one. You still have the nice contrast of light and dark that you had yesterday, but this one also has some good definition in the buildings, where you have some light. Cars might be better than trash cans, too. Next time bring along two friends to do the smooching while you photograph!

  4. These are lovely shots, Jenny. I just use my camera on idiot-proof mode - couldn't hope to get the light in the foreground to stand out like that.


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