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Tuesday 4 March 2014


Leeds Industrial Museum was advertised as being open from 13:00 so I was rather surprised to find the car-park full to overflowing when I arrived on the stroke of the hour. The reason soon became apparent. The museum was hosting a 'Steampunk Market' with lots of stalls selling clothes and all the paraphernalia associated with the steampunk movement. So it was full to bursting with hundreds of people. In fact it was not a good time to see the museum itself (I will have to go back!) but nevertheless there was much to be interested in.

Regular readers will recall that there have been steampunk gatherings in Saltaire (see here and here). It seems to be a growing movement - an odd but beguiling fusion of sci-fi, fantasy, Victoriana, engineering and lots of individual creativity. Those dressing up and taking part span all ages and all sorts, and they all seem to have a great deal of fun in the process. The stalls were selling clothing, jewellery, pocket watches, books, posters, hats, wigs and an eclectic selection of ephemera and small machine parts - cogs, chains, watch parts and other bits and bobs that people use to decorate themselves (and their homes too possibly).  The young lady in my photo had the most unusual accessory that I saw - a hawk!


  1. I like the young ladies garb. She's dress for the part.

  2. Steampunk ... that's a new one on me!
    Perhaps I should start something downunder.

  3. I'm more steampensioner - an odd but beguiling fusion of gardening, folk music, tea drinking and rheumatism. But I still have fun!

  4. This all looks so cheery and a bit warmer than here! Makes me long for spring!

  5. What a fun thing to happen upon, Jenny!

  6. You were lucky. Get lots of good photos at this steampunk gathering?

  7. Looks like you had a great time, the photos are brilliant, love the drumming video. My daughter made a steampunk wedding cake a few years ago, it was amazing.

  8. What a nice article!
    I run Leeds Steampunk Market with the help of my husband and we are at Armley Mill twice a year with this - the first weekend of March and October, we are at Thackray Medical Museum the first weekend of December, we are at Thwaite's Watermill the bank holiday of May (Sun/Mon 1st/2nd) and at Middleton Railway the first weekend of July - that's 2016 all booked and ready for you to come and join in the fun!
    I've added a link to this article on my website as well - http://www.leedssteampunkmarket.co.uk/articles.php
    so do hope to see you sometime!