Thursday, 27 March 2014

Fading light

I wouldn't walk far along the canal towpath on my own when the light is fading, but it does look quite enticing with the setting sun reflected in the water.  Even the vandalised boat adds interest to the scene when the shadows hide its dereliction.


  1. That's a lovely scene. I've always enjoyed canal towpaths; they seem to inhabit that space between the natural and the man-made which is always interesting.

  2. Oh, Jenny! what a fabulous picture!! I love it! what a beautiful mood here...

  3. Such experiences are too good to miss. You must get yourself a couple of walking companions if you need them for safety. Just think what we would have missed if you hadn't ventured out this night.

  4. I am endorsing John's comments, and Malyss's, and Wayfarin's. You have wise and learned and sensitive viewers.

    Think how cool this would have been if the decaying boat had been lined up with the shaft of light! Another time!


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