Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Hellifield station

I went on a photography workshop with some friends from my camera club. As so often, the weather gods found out in advance and a run of pleasant, dry weather was interrupted by a day of cold wind and rain - heigh ho. Despite being frozen and often wet too, and having the usual battles with my tripod (think grappling octopus..) I came home with quite a decent batch of images (imho).

We started at Hellifield station. Hellifield is a village on the way up into the Yorkshire Dales, and has this wonderful old railway station on the Settle-Carlisle railway line, built by the Midland Railway in 1880. The line is celebrating 25 years of survival - thanks to 'people power' - after being threatened with closure and is one of the most scenic lines in England. Occasionally steam train excursions run through here and that must be a thrilling sight. The station itself has recently had a makeover so it's looking good, painted in the old Midland Railway colours. The signal box in the background is itself historic, being one of only two manually operated boxes left on the line.


  1. I love old train stations! They have a soul, a special mood. I'm glad to read that people's will could save the place.

  2. That rich wine color and the mellow cream work well against the black fencing and gray walkway. I look forward to seeing what else you have come up with.


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