Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Mother and child

Inside, Cartmel Priory is an inspirational fusion of ancient craftsmanship, including fragments of medieval stained glass and carved wooden misericords, and some beautiful contemporary sculptures. Most are by Josefina de Vasconcellos, an English sculptor with Brazilian heritage and at one time the world's oldest living sculptor. I don't recall coming across her name before though I now realise I have seen some of her sculpture in other places. I found myself deeply touched by the pieces displayed in the church. The Madonna pictured was not attributed but I am pretty sure it is her work. Josefina died in 2005 shortly after her 100th birthday, having produced work well into her 90s.

What better place to spend a few moments quietly contemplating the news that my daughter is expecting her second child... Please join with me in hoping and praying that all will be well this time and that she may have an easier birth experience after the trauma of my first granddaughter's very premature delivery.


  1. hopes and prayers, yes! And how exciting! :)

  2. Exciting and hopefully calm days ahead for your family!

  3. A misericord? I had to look that one up!

    Yes, this would be a perfect place to sit quietly and contemplate your wonderful news and to pray for an easier birth. I will certainly lend my best wishes to you, your daughter and the infant-to-be.

  4. A lovely madonna -- sending my best thoughts and wishes for your daughter and child.


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