Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A yacht to match my outfit

I was sitting in a café on the harbourside in the historic town of Trogir, Croatia (another World Heritage Site) when this yacht berthed alongside. They had clearly sent me the one to match my outfit (blue & white striped shirt that day) but, after some thought, I decided I was having too much fun on the tour, so I told them I'd go back on the bus.

Seriously, I know some of you (like Malyss in the south of France) are used to seeing these ships but I watched in awe... There were more than half a dozen crew, all uniformed - and that was just those involved in mooring the huge thing. How many others were cleaning, making beds, cooking and serving drinks? I waited to see if anyone famous would emerge but no-one did.  I've found out since (hurrah for Google) that it is a charter yacht, the Barents Sea. It costs (from!) £98,000 (€120000; $164000) a week plus expenses to hire it!  Some serious money there....

Anyway, that's next year's holiday sorted...


  1. Nice post, nice yacht - don't get too many of those on the Aire! It looks like you had a fabulous holiday. That kind of money does make you think, though - I can think of lots of other ways of spending it.

  2. Very affordable, for some people!

  3. Beautiful yacht, beautiful price.

  4. Here, in Antibes (small port ) we have a "millionair quay" with PLENTY of those boats ! You're talking about money ?... :o))


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