Sunday, 29 June 2014

Blue like jazz

This month's theme for my online photography club is 'Blue'. I didn't think I'd find it hard - but most of the month went by without me noticing anything that might fit the theme with any panache. Perhaps if Saltaire was more Mediterranean.... but blue doesn't seem to be a colour used a great deal around here, apart from the odd front door or blue car.

I do, however, own a small collection of blue glass bottles and vases. I love the way the light shines through them so one sunny afternoon I decided to play around with them. I rarely take anything approaching a still life inside, so this was new for me. I gathered them on a piece of white paper in front of a sunny window, camera on a tripod. The hardest bit was arranging them and positioning the camera to avoid the glimpses of bright white light through the gaps. I have underexposed it a bit in post-processing to enhance the blue and put a gaussian blur layer behind.

For some reason it reminds me of a book title I once saw that has stayed in my mind: 'Blue like Jazz'. I never read it! but I thought it was a great title.


  1. Well, those jazzmen certainly emptied a few bottles between them so it's a fitting title. A nice interpretation of the theme.

  2. Very effective Jenny - love the light fragmenting into a million pieces.

    But let's fill a couple of glasses and drink to our good health and clink our glasses together as I say in Polish, "Sto Lat" - meaning "a hundred years" !!

  3. I read Blue Like Jazz...some parts of that book I will never forget. Catchy title and perfect for your photo!


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